GenCumSkyResult - Runtime error?

Hi Mostapha,

I am getting an error when I run GenCumskyResult. It says " Runtime error: too many values to unpack…" please see the image below:

Do you have any idea to solve this problem? Please let me know.

Thanks, Won Hee

Hi Won,

I would say that you need to update all Ladybug components. As you see today Mostapha & Co released the new version (0.54). In your picture you see that the LB_Ladybug is dated Feb 16 and the GenSky is Jan 3.

I’m pretty sure this will do for you. Follow the update instructions in the main LB page.


Hi Won Hee Ko,

As far as I can see you are using an old gencumsky component (VER 0.0.35) with the new Ladybug version (VER 0.0.54). That’s why it gives you this error. Remove the old component and use the new one and it should be all fine.

Hope it helps,


PS: Where did you find the component from the old version? Hopefully not from the new release or the example files?

Ha… You beat me by less than a minute! :slight_smile:

Thanks, it had it in my previous Ladybug - it was not from the new release/ example files :slight_smile:

Thanks, it was the prob. :slight_smile: