GenCumulativeSkyMtx and gendaymtx.exe error

Hi Mostapha and others,

great work !

there is a bug in GenCumulativeSkyMtx component

It doesn’t work on my computer because gendaymtx.exe version is not working on 64bit windows system

When i manually replace gendaymtx.exe with the last one (4.2.1 radiance) it’s working


Hi Guillaume,

Thanks for reporting. Are you sure that first download was successful? The file that Ladybug downloads is the same file as what you get in Radiance. Just to make sure I updated the file again. I also added a new check to the component so in case Radiance is already installed it copies the file from Radiance folder instead of downloading it.


for some reason it use to download a version of gendaymtx.exe that was only 1Ko! (maybe windows 8.1 protection? but in fact it’s a good thing to avoid hacking if your exe file was hacked in your dropbox)

the new copy part works perfectly fine !


Hello Guillaume,

I am facing the same problem, working on win 10,x64.

Could you share me, please, the genskyMtx.exe that worked for you?

Best Regards,