General doubt regarding outdoor variables

Good afternoon guys, I have a question, in my master’s dissertation, I’m trying to set up an adequate workflow to evaluate conditions of thermal comfort outdoors on a street in my city, I need to set up a simulation by Honeybee that counts as many outdoor variables as possible, there is any simulation that can be done that accounts for: relative humidity, local winds as well as solar incidence? I just ask because I need to have a reliable simulation to extract good results. I did a test using 2 different .epw files, one with the local wind values ​​reset and the other with the normal values, using the same Grasshopper file with the same settings, however, the result for both analyzes was the same. Below is the simulation file I used, is it a suitable simulation to be performed to assess thermal comfort conditions? Or can I build a better simulation? Just asking because I need a simulation that considers the maximum number of variables simultaneously interacting during the simulation, such as ENVIMET does on the program’s analysis. I don’t know if I was clear but I hope you understood my question :slight_smile:
Bellow is the .gh file I’m using with the data internalised