Geometry shape

Hi,can any one please tell me how to make the geometry like below shown in chris mackey’s example. I also don’t know how to take apart parts of the geometry of that house. Intersect masses is also not working.

This is crhris Mackey’s geometry in you tube.

This is mine.

law of geo ep part 1 by (907 KB)

Hi Khandaker,

There are tons of tutorials available about modeling with Rhino. For a geometry like the one in screen-shot you start from curves in plan and then extrude curves. You can create the roof by doing the same but in front view. I suggest you to take some time and watch some modeling tutorials. It will eventually so much time and struggle.


Hi Mostapha, Thank you so much for your reply.I am trying to do energy modelling of a single storeyed building and I have 2d model of that building in AutoCAD.I just need basic modelling tutorial of rhiono which is needed only for energy modelling purpose.I have maximum one month to complete this project.I have looked up in Youtube and found tons of tutorial.I am little bit confused that which one should I go first. Can you please give me some reference for my case.I am electrical engineer and I don’t have that much of idea of Rhino modelling.

I see why you are struggling so much now. Here, try this one (I’d watch everything, but if you want to get straight to the point, start from third part).

This tutorial will help you understand how to build a house from 2D plans fast and easy.

Don’t forget to thumbs up the video, the guy does a great job, check his channel, he has other useful stuff.

Thank you so much Tim for your references. I just want to get rid of my project.

Thanks again