Get data for (Honeybee_ Generate sky With certain Illuminance level)

Dear all,

Please, can any one help me for this:

When I put the (Honeybee_ Generate sky With certain Illuminance level) it dose not work!!!

I tried to give it illuminance Value, also doesn’t work…!!

It gives me orange container as attached below.


I followed the tutorial of Mostapha (Honeybee Workshop Part 1) and I stock in this point, however, in the video it works…

Hi Ahmad,

Did you try to read the warning message? In your screenshot there is no value connected to illuminanceValue.

PS: Read this short post if you haven’t already. “Inquiry” is not a good discussion topic.

Dear Mostapha,

I am really sorry bout “Inquiry”, and thank you for the link…

Actually, I read the warning message, it needs an (Input parameter_illuminanceValue) failed to collect data. However, in your tutorial you used (genSkyIlluminanceLevel) with out an input data!

Also, I know that (_) before the parameter means; data should be connected. That is why I am little confused.

That was a bug in the old release that it had a default value. Just connect a panel or a slider to the component with your desired value and it should work.

No worried. You can still edit the topic of the discussion from options.

yes… It works!

Thank you so much…

What do you mean by expression: (bug)? Is it the meaning of any container in Honeybee?

By bug I meant a software bug: (

In other words I made a mistake and assigned a default value to the input which was a software bug.

Thank you very much