Getting the temperature on the surface of a shading element

Here I’ve modelled a simple room and I’m looking to get the temperature on surface of the shade shown in the image in degrees Celsius, I’ve tried using HoneyBee, tried a couple of scripts I found online that use Open studio only to find them too complex for what I need as they are used to calculate much more stuff I don’t need, any idea how can this be achieved in the simplest way?

EnergyPlus /OpenStudio does not do a heat balance calculation for detailed shade geometries because it typically does not have enough of an impact on the building energy balance to make it worthwhile. So the only major role that detailed shade geometries play in the simulation is blocking (and optionally reflecting) the sun.

Granted, for your case like that were the shades are practically attached to the windows, EnergyPlus has some routines to model the shade as part of the window construction, in which case you’re kinda calculating the surface temperature of the shades in that the exterior surface temperature of the window is essentially the average temperature of your shading elements. To model the shades like that, you should use the HB Window Construction Shade component and you would model the shade as a vertical HB Blind Material on the exterior side of your window construction.

Hope that helps.

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Hey Chris,

Thank you so much for your help.

TBH I’m still trying to wrap my head around Ladybug Tools and how everything works. I was wondering if you could help me find an example file or suggest some keywords to search for to get the temperature on the surface of the window as I understood from your previous answer.

This tutorial video shows you one way to visualize the interior or exterior temperature from the EnergyPlus simulation results:

Jus do that with a window that has your Window Construction Shade assigned to it.