Glare DGP - Is glare from reflections (indirect sources) possible to calculate?

Hi everyone,

I am working on some Glare Studies for an indoor pool and I wanted to know if there is a way of calculating not only the direct glare sources (sun) but also “indirect” glare coming from internal reflections, such as the light reflected on a water surface.
So even if there is no direct sun, is it possible to calculate the potential glare from the diffuse light coming from the windows reflected on the water?
Very keen to know your thoughts & suggestions on this. Thanks!

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Yes, Radiance is definitely capable of this. If you are looking to understand the cases of worst glare, it might be best to model the water surface as a mirror material, essentially having it represent still water. There are also more sophisticated ways to model water in Radiance, which some of the Radiance gurus on the forum here might be able to suggest.