Glass from "Decomposed Based On Type" cannot see through

Hello all,

I’ve been working on re-build the system below node by node for learning purpose.

So far, I have got everything up and working, but there is one aesthetic “issue”, I cannot see the floors through the windows. I think this might be something related just with Grasshopper. Though just to mention I am using the HB node Decomposed Based On type from the Legacy version.

Here below the picture, where you can see from the windows of the 2nd floor, the windows at the other side of the building on the ground floor and first floor, because no floors. I have floors built. if I turn-off the Preview of the wall, they are totally visible.

Does anyone know what I am missing to adjust?

OutDoor Microclimate (695.1 KB) With No Walls With Walls


Hey @Barbarur , you can get the glazing transparency by playing with the swatch transparency toggle.
Find the example snippet for your reference.

Hi @maheshjayayachander , Thank you for the Suggestion.

I already applied that, if you look the screenshots (I also added the GH file), you can see through the windows. You can see through the windows, the windows on the other side and the other side wall, but you can’t see the floors inside the building neither the ground floor.

It’s actually very strange situation.