Glazing based on ratio issue

Hi everybody!

I’m here to ask for a tip on how to use the command “Glazing based on ratio”.

In my design I have either straight and curved facades.

I’ve read the descripion on the command and it says that the surfaces has to be planar and on the straight facades the command perfectly works.

The problem is that on the curved once, the same command generate directly one continuous window as happens when I activate the “break up window” input.

Is there any way to generate a series of windows on a curved surface instead of a single one? Or any way to get a result closer to the one I want?

Thank you for the attention,

I’ll attach the gh file.

Alessandro Corso (1.41 MB)

Hi Alessandro

As you say this can;t be done if it is a non-planar surface. However there is a bit of a crude workaround that might be good enough for you in this instance. If you make the curved surfaces planar and then project the glazing surfaces onto the non-planar surface you can use Honeybee_addHBGlz with these projected surfaces as the childsurfaces.

It is certainly not the neatest solution but it will give you a broken up window if that is what you want to see.

(apologies for the messy script - I was rushing)


Duncan (461 KB)

Thank you Duncan for your reply and for your time :slight_smile:

It is very helpful