Glazing based on ration creating unwanted windows In HB v 0.0.53

Helloo Guys

As illustrated in this image HB galzing ByRation component creates unwanted interior windows which I don’t understand. I only want a south oriented window but for some reason I get northen interior windows (perimeter interior zone is set to 0.5m) This analysis is required to illustrate illuminance only . I guess I don’t need to provide interior zones in this case

thank you all

You need to pass your zones through solveAdj component so it can understand which walls are internal.

thank you Mostapha. I guess I should also keep the tolerance of the solvAdj component higher then 0?

Also I did it but the solvAdj retuns an error message.

True. Default value for 0 is a bug. I fixed that in the newest version but I don’t suggest you to update right now as it may not be stable.

Mostapha as You Can ser in,the above image the solvadj component is still,giving error,message even if I input a tolerance higher then 0. Any ideas

Whenever you have an error like has no method it means Honeybee_Honeybee component which is running on your system is older than component itself. If you update Honeybee_Honeybee and then regenerate the zones it should be gone.

Hey Guys,

I am not entirely sure what is going on in your file, Claudio but, in the event that it is definitely a glazing generator problem, let me know. Here’s an example file that does essentially what you want (although all walls are exterior). If you upload your GH file, I can take a closer look at it.


South Glazing (98.4 KB)

Hello Chris and Mostapha


I did Try your file and it works perfeclty see the image. Also here it gos my GH file with the weather file as well


I havent updated yet I’ll do it once I upload the file tha is giving me an error.

Thank you both for your help (205 KB)
DayLightBenchMark.3dm (1.56 MB)
CAN_PQ_Montreal.Jean.Brebeuf.716278_CWEC.epw (1.52 MB)

Hey Claudio,

The split bldg masses component is meant to split up entire building masses into individual zone breps. It isn’t made to split up a single zone. If you are running a single zone through such a splitting component, you do not want to set a perimeter depth or else you get something like the attached images as your starting zones.

By plugging the output of this splitting into the glazing generator without first going through the solve adjacencies component, the component will assume that all walls are exterior and generate glazing on them accordingly.

Chris I. Totally see what you mean. Thanks for your reply. Actually for a single room, I turn to Comfen a superb,software that lets you run climatic and energy analyses super fast ad it works,with EP. If you have time give it a try