Glazing Creator and Mass2Zone problems

Hello Guys,

I’m running a small daylight analysis before bedtime. And I encounter this problem. I have 2 massing one in a L shape the other a simple rectangle. Both of them are connected trough one wall (see the image)

  1. Mass to zones does not create the first floor of one of the massing (the L shaped one)

  2. Add glazing by ratio (the one that lets you chose to brake up the windows or not) creates a strange window Srf. at the connection of the L shaped massing.

Attached the GH and Rhino file.

Any Ideas

Thank you all

2volumesTest.3dm (86.5 KB) (116 KB)

Hi Claudio,

As far as I can tell the issues that you are addressing all have been solved in the new version. Can you try with the latest version and let us know if the issue are still there.



Boy! I was not aware that a new version of HB and LB where out. I’ll try with the new version. Are they available on the gh site through food4rhino or github?

thank you for your answer

github is the best way to get the latest version. You can also use Ladybug_Update Ladybug and Honeybee_Update Honeybee. As you can imagine updating to new version may break some of your old definitions. =:/

Let me know how it goes.

Mostapha, I’m using Ladybug_Update Ladybug and Honeybee_Update. And it seams to download the files, but it takes quite long is this normal? I do have high speed internet

thank you

It shouldn’t take that long. If it didn’t work you can just download it manually from github and replace the userObjects.

Ok I just restarted windows and it did download the latest versions. works great thank you

Ok I managed to update and get started again (lots of changes in HB) The components solved the previous problems but I get windows where the 2 volumes touch (party wall). There shouldn’t be there. I’ve updated the files.

Hi Claudio,

That is an issue with the new solveAdjc component. I changed the tolerance to get it to work for now until I can figure out why it is happening. Good that the rest of the issues are gone.

Mostapha (116 KB)

Awesome. Glad that the new glazing generator is working well.