Glazing creator crash


I have a crash software situation every time I try and toggle to true on the Glazing - what am I doing wrong? Btw i had the same error on a cubic brep. Something is crashing the software and I can’t figure out what - any ideas are more than welcomed!

I am following this video:…


What is the version of Rhino that you’re using. You can find it by typing about.

For instance mine is: Version 5 SR12 64-bit


Using your file, I was able to replicate the crash on my machine. My initial guess is that it has something to do with the fact that you are connecting up 207 zones and Rhino might be throwing exceptions when it sees the memory use growing so fast (I know that such fast memory use is typically an indication of an infinite loop). This really seems like an issue on McNeel’s end but we might be able to mitigate this in the meantime.

I can at least tell you that, if you build the model up floor-by-floor (with each floor given its own Mass2Zones component), you can build this same model without having Rhino crash:

For the time being you can use this method and I will try to look further into it later.

Keep us posted if you find any other ways of building the model without causing the crash. I have an inkling that it might also be related to the fact that your starting geometry is not completely planar. I would recommend planarizing the geometry if get the chance. This will minimize the amount of memory use, at least.

-Chris (568 KB)

Hej guys,

I have managed last night to go through it again without crashing - it took two hours - i got a 17 kwh/sqm/year - which is too good to be true - but somehow it makes sense - I have to double check again. I will check also your version later today when I am getting back to the drawing board. I am trying to model up a building based on defining each zone and then playing with their location within the building - to get there I need to fully understand the basic of the software - and while I am learning I thought why not use the building form I already have and I need to complete for my thesis - that is why I started with the big oval building. I attached the definition that worked.

mass site (532 KB)