Glazing Winter Comfort Analysis

Hello Everyone, I did the glazing and winter comfort analysis but now I want to add a mannequin beside the curtain wall to show when the U value of the window is not good enough and the space is not comfortable, the mannequin will reflect that and the part of his body which is close to window will be blue, etc. and the opposite part will be red or something. I mean I want to reflect the indoor uncomfortably condition in the mannequin as well. which tool I need to use? I really appreciate your help

@shirkhanloo ,

Sorry for the late response. If I get some time later I can put together a sample file but what you basically want to do is calculate the view factor from the centroid of each mannequin mesh face to the surfaces of a zone. You can use the following workflow:

  1. Generate a comfort mannequin
  2. Use the native GH face boundaries component to get the boundaries of the mannequin mesh faces.
  3. Use the area component to get the centroid of the faces
  4. Use the view factor component to calculate view factor from the points to the surfaces
  5. Multiply the view factors by the surface temperatures that you get from an energyplus simulation or the steady state tool.
  6. You can use recolor mesh to color the mannequin with the resulting radiant temperatures that you have for each mesh face.