Green Wall / Facade Energy Load Calculation

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately, I could not find any up-to-date information about how I can incorporate a green wall/facade into my honeybee energy model.

Some people have mentioned that they have used HB Shade as a green wall to their models, however, I wonder how it takes evapotranspiration into account.

I would be glad if you share any insights, tips, and/or examples on this topic.

Best Regards.

Hi @taylankk, there is a vegetation material component:
though from the component: Note that the underlying models for this material were developed using horizontal roofs and caution should be taken when applying it to to vertical walls.
Here is the link to the energyplus documentation on the Material:RoofVegetation object
I hope that helps


Thank you, @TrevorFedyna

However, When I apply HB Vegetation Material to my model although the U value of the outer wall decreases, EUI increases.

You can see my wall layers and comparison of different EUI’s down below.