Grid Based Simulation not smooth? (jagged) ((SOLVED))

Hi all.

Can anyone explain these jagged colors to me?
The example is based on the grid based simulation from the hydrashare site.

  • Ejnaren

Grid Based Daylight Simulation Test.3dm (392 KB) (472 KB)

Hi Ejnar,

You are getting these strange results because of ground surface. When I disable it I get reasonable results see the image below.

I suggest that you do some research on the correct properties for ground surfaces and then set the radiance material at present you are simply using the default radiance material for the ground.

I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the ground. The error seems to be the result of co-planar surfaces in Radiance. The rays couldn’t get in after a certain degree since they would see the wall and not the window. The glazing surface has not been removed from the wall successfully. You need to offset the edges of your window inside the parent surface if you want to use addHBGlz component.

The other approach is to split the surface in Rhino and assign the materials surface by surface.

Check the attached Rhino file.

GridBasedDaylightSimulationTest_msr.3dm (513 KB)

Thank you for the answers.
I used Mostapha’s solution and it worked beutifully.