GridRoom and GenPts don't give the same result

I’m trying to do daylight analysis on a simple model. When I run PITGrid e GridRooms data I get a result. But when I run it with SensorGrid and GenPts I get a different result. I need to work with GenPts as I will run analyzes on different surfaces in the later stages of my work. Which result is correct, am I making a mistake? Are the two components different things? Can you help me? I am attaching the images and the file.
Thank you

GridRooms result is here

GenPts and SensorGrid result is here

The file is below
tek (65.0 KB)

Hi @fatalay,

Thanks for sharing your file. You have to flip the _geometry in GenPts. Your sensors are directed down (0, 0, -1), that’s why the illuminance is lower. Then you should of course also remove the negative expression in _offset_dist_.

Thank you so much @mikkel

@mikkel Actually, I have one more question. Is it possible to see the light intensity on the grid cells as a value?

Hi @fatalay,

You can use the Grasshopper native “Text Tag 3D” or “Text Tag”. Connect the points from the grid and the illuminance values as text.