GroundHeatExchanger undisturbed ground temperature

Hi @chris. I think I may have found a bug. The GHE object in DF is not accepting an undisturbed ground temperature. It works fine if not specified.

I do not see anything in the code that should be making this error come up, however.

Hey @Geo_curious ,

That component really should be in a WIP section since it does not work yet. I added it to the development version hoping that no one would see it but maybe I should have just kept it on my machine.

In fact, that particular component in your screenshot does not even exist anymore since it’s already been refactored into this:

Long story short, you will be waiting at least a month until there’s anything close to a working GHSP DES workflow. NREL only just released a working docker image:
… so it’s going to take some time to work this into dragonfly.

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Thank you, Chris. I usually find that I am the last to know. Glad to hear that I stumbled into a WIP. No problem. I will stay tuned.

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