Hackathon, GrizzlyBear and Honeybee for Energy Simulation

Yes! We will be at the AEC Tech Symposium and Hackathon this weekend and we will have a major release at the day of the hackathon! We will release the full suite of components for energy simulation for Honeybee and will introduce our new friend GrizzlyBear. [Of course! When there is a honeybee there should be a GrizzlyBear]

First of all, we want to welcome to Chien Si Harriman as the newest member of the development team. Chien Si is the developer of GrizzlyBear which exports Honeybee zones to gbXML.

Honeybee currently has more than 35 components to create multi-zonal energy models, customize constructions, loads and schedules and run the analysis using EnergyPlus 8.1 (http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/energyplus/energyplus_about.cfm) and/or OpenStudio (https://openstudio.nrel.gov/). Finally in case you want to work in other simulation environments GrizzlyBear will let you use the same objects and export them as a gbXML file!

The workflow is pretty similar to Honeybee for Daylighting and uses the same HBZones.

We are so excited for this initial release and will have a public release shortly after the hackathon. Looking forward to see some of you at the Hackathon and help you hack on top of Ladybug, Honeybee, and GrizzlyBear.

More exciting news to come soon!

Stay tuned,


" create multi-zonal energy models" great feature
Seems Awesome…

Great Stuff! Mostapha you are accelerating at such a speed… where is the end?!


waiting for some CFD stuff too.

Can’t wait to welcome GrizzlyBear to the family.