HB and LB not updating

Hello guys.

I’m still not able to update automatically. not sure what’s going on

thank you all

Same thing with the latest version

For me it is also the same since some time now

Yes! This is broken for now. :expressionless: I worked on the issue one weekend and found a work around but it can bring some security issue so I left it open for now:(https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/issues/194#issuecommen…).

Meanwhile you need to manually download the files from github (or use github app) and provide address to userobjects to folder to component using sourceDirectory input. We are aiming for a new release this week so I can’t work on this issue right now but I will try to address the issue soon after the release. Sorry and thank you for your patience.

  • Mostapha

Turns out this is a bug in IronPython 2.7, replacing ssl.py with old version from 2.6 solves the problem. Can you guys check the attached file and let me know it solves the issue?

The first time it should give you warning that download failed and a link to download ssl.py and replace it with the current one. Once you replace the file it should work fine if you try again.


update_ssl.gh (340 KB)

As mentionned in the other discussion this methid did not work I keep getting the same error message.

thank you

Thanks for reporting. Let’s try this: