HB Annual Loads + HB Peak Loads - analysis folder suggestion


I have noticed that Annual Loads and Peak Loads create, respectively named, folders in default “simulation” folder. I think it would be helpful to add optional input to these components that would let user put the analysis and results in a folder of choice. This would be quite helpful for parametric runs with multiple variable combinations.

Of course, it is possible to use data recorder for that, but it internalizing data and copying to new GH document or reopening the file would not work - parametric run would have to be re-calculated. Itwould be nice to go back to these results and load them from folder.

@chris, I hope that you do not mind me tagging you in this topic.

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The suggestion is worth considering, though I’m not totally convinced that it’s needed when you can always run a fully-customized energy simulation with the “HB Model To OSM” component. I’m open to adding it if you make a good case for it, though. And, in the meantime, this type of feature is very easy to hack by just changing the ID of the Model from something other than 'Annual Loads' on this line of code inside the component: