HB Anual Daylight study with ArchiCAD live connection

Im fairly new to grasshopper but have been looking in to how to run environment simulation on models using ArchiCAD Live connection and ladybug. This might not be the right place to ask, but hoping maybe someone know a solution.

The issue I am struggling with now is to get Honeybee to create the simulation model. When i try to put in the mesh of the model i want to run a simulation on, only a few objects actually show up in the preview. I know the “HB Face” module only read mesh and brep, but even after deconstructing the archicad object to mesh is wont work. It works if i bake the mesh into rhino and then select it back into grasshopper to create the HB model, but would prefer to not have to bake it.

The “HB Face” module read the error "NoneType Object has no attribute faces"

Hope the problem is understandable and that someone can help. Thank you in advance!