HB Aperture's construction duplicated

Hi all,

I want to deconstruct the construction of the outdoor faces.
To do this, I use HB Color Face Attribute but I have trouble with the result.
As you can see, the aperture’s constructions are duplicated and I don’t understand why.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem ?
Is it normal ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @mchabasset ,

The HB Color Face Attribute component is giving you a list of constructions applied to each Face/Aperture/Door in the list of _hb_objects that you have connected.

So, if you want to have only one construction in the output of the HB Color Face Attribute component, just connect up only one item to it. For example, you can use the native Grasshopper “List Item” component to select only the single Aperture for which you want to view and deconstruct the construction.

Hi @chris ,

Thanks for your answer.
I didn’t realized that for faces, this also gave the aperture construction linked to the faces.

Do you know if it’s possible to have only the face construction (without the related aperture construction) ?

Hi @mchabasset

Maybe take a look here: https://discourse.ladybug.tools/t/visualize-walls-without-apertures/24993/ and see if that helps?

alternatively, you should be able to use the ‘label face’ tool (with ‘sub_face’ set to False) to get the name of the construction, and just pass that name into the deconstruct-construction component:


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Hi @edpmay ,

Thank you, it works perfectly.