HB - Can't get radiation annual grid based calculations plotted


As for this thread i open here a new discussion for issue number 2 there.

I want to get the yearly total radiation obtained in selected geometry.

In the attached, right side at the bottom. I get the calculation results, but after connecting them to the HB_readAllTheDSHourlyResults it takes ages to calculate and at the end rhino crashes. Can be that this is a memory problem? Or there is a way to make this work (total annual radiation for GridBased simulation)? For now i disabled the component, but i just wonder …

Words of wisdom for both issues will be appreciated.



05_SunlightHourAnalysis_CrossTower-V0_Honeybee_Done_01.gh (630 KB)


The ladybug radiation analysis does not include any ambient bounces and so it should only be used in outdoor cases where there is not a lot of complex or deeply self-shading geometry (it seems like you are skirting the line here). The Honeybee radiation analysis is effectively the same exact thing as Ladybug but with the ability to have several ambient bounces and I imagine that this is the reason for the difference between your two types of geometry. I am getting pretty comparable results between the two simulations:

The annual daylight analysis is only calculating illuminance and other daylight metrics derived from illumionance (not radiation). Annual analysis with Honeybee should really only be used to evaluate daylight on the interiors of buildings since illuminance is not a very useful metric in outdoor conditions (generally, you have good light if the sun is out). In your file, you have 3896 test points. For each of these test points, you are trying to import 8760 values of illuminance for each hour of the year. This means that you are effectively bringing in:

3,896 x 8,760 = 34,128,960

data values, each of which is ~ 6 digits long. I imagine that 34 million 6-digit numbers would max out the memory of all except a super computer and so I would recommend narrowing your test region to just an interior floor of the building.


Thanks Chris,

Do you mind attaching the file you used for the simulation? I’m trying again and i’m getting a COMPLETELY different range of values comparing with yours and between LB and HB. So probably i’m doing something wrong and i don’t get what.

I tried to reduce the influence of the bounces defining materials with 0 reflectivity.

As for the second point, i agree, and also was suspecting, i’m dealing with a memory issue. But for this specific case i’m interested not in interiors but exteriors and only radiation (not lighting). That’s why i selected all the building … Wondering if there is a way.


P.S. I see that you used a different weather file than i did. Please use this one. Using your i’m getting your results, which are good. Using the one i said you get 2.6 in LB and 100 in HB(!!!). So there is a big possibility this file has wrong data??!!

Hi Chris,

No need to send anything. I’ve found that the EPW i was using has 0 Global Horizontal Radiation. I don’t know how this can happen, besides that it is completely corrupt. I’m usin now alternative files and the results make much more sense.

The question regarding annual radiation on GridBased analysis remains, at least on the principle level.