HB+ class "CustomMaterial" can't be imported after sync with github

I have been using some custom materials in HB+, but last night I synced with github and all my custom material components broke, it seems that the customMaterial class can’t be imported. Please see error in the image. I noticed that there is new work that is being implemented in this area.
What would be the best approach to define my custom materials?

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There is no custom material anymore since now all the materials are supported. Try:

from honeybee.radiance.material.brtdfunc import BRTDfunc

brdt_data = { }  # your data here

b = BRTDfun('H-mode', 'BRTDfunc', values=brtd_data)

# NOTE: If you see this note after May 19 2018 then the last line will be
# b = BRTDfun('H-mode', values=brtd_data)

@mostapha, ok great. I just looked at the source code and I can see you added all the materials. :+1: