HB energyBalance hydra example gives error ""fanElectric" is not defined"


Im having problems getting the latest version of energyBalance to work. When updating the Hydra example to the newest version it will not run and produces an error: “fanElectric” is not defined.

Im also having this problem in other situations where I try to use it. Attached below is the vanilla hydrashare example, only updated.

Is anyone else having the same issue? Or is there something obvious that I have missed…? Ive tried assigning all sorts of HVAC loads and playing with NatVent input but it changes nothing.

Runtime error (UnboundNameException): name ‘fanElectric_’ is not defined
line 453, in script

Energy_Balance_updated.gh (586 KB)


Without checking the file i suggest that you reinsert the component giving you trouble. It happens that in the development of the code some input/output items are added. The update process can’t handle such cases well.


Thanks, that did the trick!