'hb_EPZoneSurface' object has no attribute 'punchedGeometry' error

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to get this energy model up and running and after recreating my zones a few times to make them energy plus friendly, I got this error,

‘hb_EPZoneSurface’ object has no attribute ‘punchedGeometry’.

I did a little searching on the discussion board and found this link,

RunEnergySimulation error

As of right now, it seems to have gone unsolved, so I was wondering if there was anything I could do to circumvent this error so my energy calc will go through. In the link Mostapha said it usually only happens with double curvature surfaces, but I don’t think I have any curved surfaces in my file, so I’m at a lose.

HUB Project.gh (1.02 MB)

Hi John,

Some of the surfaces are missing from your model, and I can’t recreate the problem.

In most cases this issue happens when a surface is not modeled clean and the surface is slightly out of being planer or has duplicated edges and recreating the model should solve the issue.

Also why don’t you use mass2zone component instead of creating your model surface by surface? That should save you a lot of time and components.



I ended up recreating all my geometry from scratch and used mass2zone as you suggested. It ended up working out and everything is running fine now. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions.