hb_EPZoneSurface' object has no attribute 'punchedGeometry

I am having a curious situation.

I have a building made from a curve that is extruded in the z direction. From what I understand it is best to simplify this curve into a poly line. So in gh I divide the curve and create a closed polyline from the points. I make a surface then extrude it , then make hbzones then pass the zones to grizzlybear. I get this error:

  1. Solution exception:‘hb_EPZoneSurface’ object has no attribute ‘punchedGeometry’

what doe this mean???

0. not logging
1. Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘hb_EPZoneSurface’ object has no attribute ‘punchedGeometry’
2. Traceback:
line 5601, in checkZoneSurface, “<string>”
line 5311, in evaluateZones, “<string>”
line 1645, in script

However when I bake the polyline and manually redraw it in rhino and then reset the initial curve to this new manually drawn polyline the gbxml is created!

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks - Ethan

honeybee grizzlybear test.gh (132 KB)

It also seems that if I have a brep extrusion created from a surface with a hole in it that this can not be handled by grizzlybear. Is there a better way to handle an inner courtyard?