HB: Glazing ratio, how does it match incomparable lists?


Trying to understand how Honeybee_Glazing component choose from the list of glazing ratios when it does not match the number of surfaces. See image.

The component automatically divides the 360 degree circle by the number of items in the list input to _glzRatio and uses this to assign different glazing ratios to different cardinal directions. So the circle is being divided into 5 but your building only has 4 sides so one of the divisions is lost. This video explains:



Thanks Chris,

So in the end it will depend on the orientation of the wall relative to the circle, and select the closest value to each wall orientation?

You also mention in the video that if we have the windows geometry, then we can input those as glazing? Can you point me to the tutorial where you show that?

Thanks in advance.

Correct. All videos on setting up energy models can be found here:


See video 13 for custom glazing geometry.


Great, thanks.