HB Load gbXML model is not a closed volume

When I try the new import model feature, based on a IESVE model export, I get the model imported but I can not seem to get it as a closed volume?

Also is it supposed to not have any details except the geometry (aka no hvac or programs set up)?


GBXML can get wierd some times; just due to the nature and many versions of gbxml that exist etc,
Do you happen to be able to share the GBXML?
be happy to take a look and see if can help

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Hi Trevor, thanks for the offer but I think I’ve figured it out. If I split up the perimeter zones from the core zones I can add adiabatic surfaces/ air boundary’s. I wonder if it was thinking the external windows where actually internal?

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AH!! Choice, I’m sure that this solution will be useful for others!