HB Median Daylight Factor

Hello, I’m trying to achieve a calculation of the median daylight factor in a room. According to the Swedish standards, the calculation grid should be 0.5 m away from the walls. I have used the genHBZoneTestPts-component to generate the grid from the floor surfaces and it works well. However, how do I reduce the grid so it starts 0.5 m from the walls?

I attached a picture of what I intend to do (my computer lagged so that’s why I couldn’t attach a print screen).


I’ll scale the surface before connecting to the genHBZoneTestPts or define a separate surface for that wit the size you want/need.

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Thank you for your reply. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I set up a scaling component that scales it by 0.5 m in every direction. The scaled geometry goes into the genHBZoneTestPts. However, when I preview that component it still gets the old geometry somehow. The red surface is the scaled geometry and the green is the mesh from the comonent that is still alligned to the walls.

Upload your file. “Guess Advice” is not so effective.

Yes, here are the files.

Model.3dm (121.8 KB) dagsljusfunktioner_applicerad.gh (643.9 KB)

Here you go.
See the white group.
I deleted all the rest for the clarity of the canvas.
dagsljusfunktioner_applicerad_AY.gh (609.3 KB)