HB method consulting_Interior temperature analysis

Hi Guys,

Recently I`ve involved a project that need quite bit of analysis work, one of which is required to analysis interior temperature through a certain surface pattern, and glazing.

I have been looking for what kind of analysis tools that i could use.

i watched Mostapha`s workshop online here:


but from my understanding, the turorial is about to anaylsis how much amount of dayligh come into a interior given certain materials. So that is where i become confused: is it the interior temperature resaults come from daylight analysis, or energy analysis?

Hence, is there someone could recommend me which tutoria i could refer to in order to get the interior temperature analysis. So i could move to further step, which is to discuss human comfortable temperature by means of changing surface pattern and glazing transparency ratio.

Thank you alot!



Energy analysis gives you surface temperatures. Watch Chris’s tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/user/chrismackey88/playlists

Hi Mostapha,

Yeah i began to watch Mackey`s Videos. for time being, the temperature I was talking about is the interior temperature, not the building surface temperature. Hope I could get it from the videos that you mentioned. BTW, I am trying to do a termal based render in visualization which will show accurately how much warm people will feel inside the building. is it acchievable with LB?

Thank you!!



I got it. In the tutorial of 8!


You will also be interested in either the ladybug solar adjusted temperature files here:


… or the Honeybee microclimate map example file here: