HB Run OSW error

I ran the sample file from Dragon Fly (from building solids) and without any change, when I run it, this error appears from Component HB Run OSW ; But there is no explanation. Can you help me a little !! Thankful

  1. Solution exception:One or more errors occurred.

are you able to share the file in question that’s giving you the issue or reproduce the issue in a simplified file to share?

thank you @TrevorFedyna

ewfdwef.gh (600.1 KB)

@chris when I ran this as is ~8 terminal windows opened at a time and all ran simultaneously; there is no input in the cpu count.

laptop got loud and angry quick soo killed the processes:
re-ran with just 1 in _cpu_count and it ran one at a time and no error.

@Aliarch: try putting some number that is less than the total count of CPU cores you have on your machine into the _cpu_count_ input on the run osw component.

I made the run period just 10 hours of 1 day and ran it all on just 1 core and there was no error.

ewfdwef_TFedits.gh (611.2 KB)

try running that and if that fails use the ladybug versioner and update your LBT installation.
Hope something in that was helpful!


Thanks @TrevorFedyna for the help
I inputted a short period and also reduced the number of CPU cores; But there are still errors. Of course, maybe @chris can help a little.

I had another question for you; That I will not be able to download UrbanOpt from this link ; Is this link defective and is there another link?

Hi @Aliarch ,

It looks like you didn’t let the simulation run to completion. This particular one takes a good hour to run on a machine with 20 processors. I might recommend testing out the dragonfly workflows first with the from_building_footprints example, which can run in 3-10 minutes depending on how good your machine is.

As you’ll see in that file, I would also recommend running the simulation with URBANopt, which will probably be a bit more intuitive than running each OSW through OpenStudio. You can always get a valid link to the URBANopt single click installer from the LBT Compatibility Matrix.

Read the _cpu_count_ input. The default is to use one less than the total number of processors available on your system. So having 7 terminals popping up is the desired behavior and things will be fine if you let it run to completion.


I’m using this comment next time I am trying to justify getting the B I G threadripper to my partner :sweat_smile:
Though… She knows what’s up she’s just going to tell me to use the Pollination Cloud instead :rofl:

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