HB simulation 'Failed to read the results'

Hi I am new to HB and I have a problem here.

I am following every step in the first tutorial on youtube until I hit the runrad_ , the Run Daylight Simulation cell turned red and the error message showed no light sources found. I was using Generate Sky with Certain Illuminance with 10000 lux plugged in

So I switched to another sky the error msg showed Failed to read the result.

Would really appreciate if anyone can tell me what is going on.

thanks in advance!

HB_01_intro.gh (465 KB)
HB_01_intro.3dm (158 KB)

Hi Oneiric,

Please check attached file.


HB_01_intro.gh (465 KB)

Thanks for the quick response!

but it was the same.

The black dialogue box runs several times then it shows the error msg.

That’s strange. It works fine at my end. Can you post your file again please?

Hi Devang

I have tried it again with Daysim reinstalled, the error msg shows the same.

Thank you for your help!

Here are the files again

HB_01_intro.3dm (158 KB)
HB_01_intro.gh (465 KB)

No errors again. Did you check instructions here?

Hi Devang,

I have figured it out that Radiance should be installed directly under as C:\Radiance ( previously I installed it C:\Program Files\Radiance

Although it is not in the instruction but I used Radiance several years ago I vaguely rmb this rule and tried it and it works now.

Thanks so much for your help.