HB surface from fully defined zone: Solution Exception error

I tried decomposing a fully defined zone and linked that to Create HB surfaces. However I get this error. I have the JSon file in the default LadyBug folder. I am using Rhino 6, and the latest version of honeybee.

The decomposeByType component is designed to be used after a zone / zones are created.

Hi Devang,
The zones were already created. But I was still getting the error.

If you have already defined the HBZones why you need to create HBSurfaces? They already are like that.

I wanted to define the radiance materials for each component separately. Is this even the right approach? I saw example files from another thread that used this approach. However several tutorials define each surface first and then create the honeybee zones. Is it possible to use either approach, or should we define each surface first?

It should work.
You can also try connecting the zones to the Honeybee_Set Radiance Materials component and there set the materials for Radiance.

Thank you Abraham, this was a simpler method and it worked. I am still curious why the previous method did not work.