HB[+] vs HB_Legacy - Weather file issues


After the release of the HB[+] i started to do the obvious thing: compare the legacy results with the [+].

I’m testing the 00_point_in_time_gridbased.gh example and i’m having trouble with the climatebased sky component.

For ALL weather files in my country i get 0 values. See below image:

While the legacy produces the following:

I suspect the issue can be with the WEA creator ([+] uses wea while Legacy uses epw).

Visualizing the created sky i see it is completely black and seeing the globalHorIrradiance output of the watchTheSky it gives 0[+] and 995 [legacy].

Any ideas?



climatebased_vis_31.25_34.8_6_21_at_12_773_253.sky (277 Bytes)

Hi Abraham,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you confirm that it works fine with a US weather location? I opened an issue here.


Hi Mostapha,

No worries.

Yes. This is something i checked right away (US weather files) and they work fine.


Addressed here: