HB vs LB Radiation Analysis results comparison

Hello Mostapha,

Comparing same radiation analysis for an interior working plane with LB and HB, in order to understand the spectrum of different values for those type of analysis with the two methods.

Same geometry, same date and time.

HB gives almost half of the values.

Is that something expected because HB takes into consideration defuse light and materials?

Also I noticed the LB_Colored_Sky_Visualizer legend shows wrong date, as the input is the 21st.



Radiation_Analysis_LB_01.gh (166 KB)
Grid_Based_Day_Analysis_HB_02.gh (187 KB)

Hi Dimitrios, I will check your files tomorrow night as it is getting so late for tonight but just checking the image, Ladybug should not be used for interior analysis as you can read in component’s description.

This component allows you to calculate the radiation fallin on input _geometry using a sky matrix from the selectSkyMxt component. This type of radiation sutdy is useful for building surfaces such as windows, where you might be interested in solar heat gain, or solar panels, where you might be interested in the energy that can be collected.
This component is also good for surfaces representing outdoor spaces (such as parks or seating areas) where radiation could affect thermal comfort or vegetation growth.
No reflection of sunlight is included in the radiation analysis with this component and it should therefore be used neither for interior daylight studies nor for complex geometries nor for surfaces with high a reflectivity. For these situations where the relfection of light is important, the Honeybee daylight components should be used instead of this one.

Ladybug results will be totally wrong for any interior condition. If you have defined a material for glazing then Honeybee will give you lower values, but again this is not something that you want to compare. If you are looking for comparative studies you should do it on external surfaces.


Thank you very much!

Thanks for pointing out the error with the colored sky visualizer. I just fixed it!


Really a pleasure to have helped!


Hi Dimitrios, Are we on the same page for this discussion? Should we consider this as closed?

Yep! Thanks a lot!