HBSurface→Annual Daylight Issue


I’m trying to create a definition to perform an annual daylight analysis without using a mass2zone component as a starting point (I’ve modeled walls and glass already and want to use the rhino geometry as a start point). Everything looks like it works in gHop, but the cmd windows run indefinitely…I’ve cross-checked against this discussion as best I can (works fine on my machine)…Not sure of the issue, file attached

Any help appreciated!

Thank you!


daylightAnalysis.gh (116 KB)

Hi Jason,

It runs fine on my system. How many test points do you have in your real problem? and have you tried running the analysis with a lower quality (0 instead of 1) and see if it gives you the results? Annual daylight analysis can take a long time.


One more thing that I forget. Unless you are dealing with curved surfaces that you want to keep them exactly as they are there is no reason to mesh them in smaller faces. It doesn’t help the accuracy and only adds up to the time.

Thanks Mostapha!

I reran the analysis, and it did finally complete. What’s unusual is that for 42 test points (just a simple box) it took 23 minutes…006_annualDaylightAnalysis_I_gettingStarted only took 4.1 minutes despite having over 600 test points. Are there other factors that affect analysis time?

Thanks again —J

Hi Jason, There are two items that I mentioned:

  1. You are meshing all the surfaces that will add to the number of polygons which will add to the time of calculation.

  2. In your file quality of RADParameters is set to 1. These parameters are high for a simple box. You can use quality 0 and add to -ab in cases similar to this.


Understood—same file now at 1.3 minutes!