Heating Schedules

So I am trying to create a heating schedule for a school building and my heating schedules are fraction based thats why its not being read. I would like to know how can i create heating schedules temperature based. Also when i dont want heating set point not to overide my schedules.

@sakshay ,

Sorry for a late response here. Heating and Cooling setpoint schedules are a bit different than the other schedules used in E+ in that they are NOT fractional. Rather, E+ expects you to plug in the actual temperature values in degrees C into the schedule values (like 24, 24, 24, 26, 26, 26, 24). Also, you need to plug in the word “temperature” to the schedTypeLimits input in order to make sure that E+ understands these values as temperatures and not fractional values.

After setting up the schedule this way, you should be able to assign the schedule as a heating or cooling schedule without issues.

If you assign a heating or cooling setpoint on the “Set Zone Thresholds” component, it might override this schedule so I would recommend not using this component or not setting any setpoints on it if you create your own custom schedule like this.


Thank You Chris, it works now :slight_smile:

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Thanks chris, that’s what I have found for a long time.

The question is, I can set the humidity value through the SetZoneThresholds component. If don’t use it, how to set the humidity in another way?

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Has anyone encountered a problem where open studio won’t read heating and cooling schedules if you are using OSMeasures and cannot specify and file name and working directory?

I am using the create .csv schedule component for the heating and cooling setpoint schedules which I am plugging in to the set EnergyPlus zone schedule component. But when I go to run the simulation using OpenStudio it doesn’t put my heating and cooling csv schedule in with the rest of my schedules. (I am also creating occupant, occupancy, lighting, electric, and infiltration schedules this way but they all appear and get read fine.)