Help with basic Energyplus modeling

I have rhino7. All the tutorials are old and refer to the legacy tools. This makes it very hard to follow as most of the blocks have different names. Ladybug tools 1.5.0 are installed and running. Geometry is working for walls and windows (other components not added yet)

Are there any current training/examples available?

  1. What is modern equivalent of mass to zone? and for honeybee label zone? Currently the only zones is for climate. Has this been replaced with room? Is a room identical to a zone?

  2. How do i specify materials (e.g. walls*) to model an existing building?
    *Take a simple wall as layers of wood siding, sheathing, 2x6 stud on 19"oc with fibreglass batt, vapour barrier, gypsum. I see ‘HB opaque material list’ but can’t see easy way to join the materials into a construction.

I have watched youtube videos by Brendon Levitt, Ladybug Tools (especially energy fundamentals), read most of docs.ladybug.tool, and signed up for academy hoping to have current examples and walk throughs but they seem even older than ones outside the academy.


Have you open the example files in the .zip?
Also, the YouTube videos are using the 1.4.1 version. its compatible with 1.5. logic.

You can try the MERGE and ENTWINE from grasshopper to build your wall.

For It, you need to build the materials, them make an construction, them apply it in the construction groups them apply it to the model.


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Thanks for the help. This is a great start.