Help with updating script from zones to rooms

Hi all,

I’m updating a script to determine how glazing and materials affect energy use in the preliminary design stage. Currently it is using the legacy plugins to analyze exploded surfaces as solids, but it seems that the entire paradigm of zones has been replaced with rooms. The wiki looks to be missing the new LBT component information so I was looking for a simple explanation of how this new room mechanic works.

The components in question that need to be swapped or replaced are:


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Hi @Prxsto ,

Yes, we are working on putting together search-able online documentation for the new LBT components. You are right that Honeybee Rooms = HBZones and we only use the word “room” to make it clear that the object is not specific to energy modeling and can be exported to Radiance (or other engines for which there might be future honeybee extensions). In any case, here’s the rough mapping from the legacy components, bearing in mind that the new ConstructionSet object has changed things a lot:

callFromEPConstructionLibrary = “HB Search Constructions”

searchEPConstruction = No LBT component as the component above offers essentially the same functionality. Or, if you want to search by climate zone and version of ASHRAE 90.1, you can use “HB Construction Set by Climate” and deconstruct the construction set.

setEPZoneCnstr = Depending on the surface type, it’s either “HB Apply ConstructionSet”, “HB Apply Opaque Construction”, or “HB Apply Window Construction”. ConstructionSets have replaced most of what this legacy component did originally.

setEPZoneThresholds - Probably “HB Apply Setpoint Values” but it could be different depending on which input you need.

setEPZoneLoads - “HB Apply Load Values”

LabelZones - “HB Label Rooms”, though I would also really recommend checking our “HB Color Room Attribues”. Also note the the energy attributes list have their own component - “HB Room Energy Attributes”

readEPResult - “HB Read Room Energy Result”

ColorZones - “HB Color Rooms”