High floor building(Empty Space)

I downloaded the apartment prototype idf file and put it in Honeybee.

You can see that there is an empty space between the floors, and I understand that the reason for this modeling is to shorten simulation time.

What should I do if I want to model it in this way? I want to know the methodology. Thank you.

It looks like that prototype model is using a multiplier to represent the missing floor geometry. Honeybee has full support for multipliers assigned to rooms, which will automatically be used to multiply results of things like EUI.

I believe that multipliers should already be imported from the IDF. You can check for sure by using the “Color Rooms Attribute” component on your imported model.

Thank you for your answer.
You’re saying that this modeling can only be performed on IDF, right?

Then, is there any plan to release components for the multiply modeling in the future?

The component that assigns the multiplier already exists: