High Glare Probability Image color meaning

Hello Mostapha,

Tried -with no luck- to find documentation on the meaning of each color for a High Glare Probability image, apart from the fact that they are areas with High glare probability.

Could you please provide us with some explanation of their meaning? If they correspond to specific values, etc etc.?

Thank you!


Hi ,

Maybe this will help http://web.mit.edu/tito_/www/Projects/Glare/GlareRecommendationsFor…



Thank you very much for the link Peter!

I am aware of this page, but couldn’t find any explanation of the colors of the High Glare Probability images.



check evalglare documentation (documentation_v1.0x.pdf). Colors are assigned randomly! Pretty strange- I agree!

“If a check file is written (-c fname), the detected glare sources will be colored to different colors where the rest of the image is set to gray. The luminance values of all pixels are kept to the initial value. The color is chosen by chance, no significance is given by the color.

That is the exact verification I was looking for!

Thank you very much!