Honey Bee daylight error "object has no cenPt"

Hi all.

I am a newbie to this and I’m trying to run a simple daylight study on an irregularly shaped floorplate and keep getting the following error:

'Solution Exception;‘EPZone’ object has no attribute ‘cenPt’

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Can you post the gh file please?

Sorry…I thought I did but it was the Rhino file.

Here is the gh file.

Butterfly_E-W.gh (547 KB)

Hi Ron

I am almost sure that some of your components are from an older version of Honeybee and this is the reason that you are getting this error but I cant seem to fix this by updating everything.

Hang on there while I try to work this out.

Thinking exactly the same. I think it is due to the mixture of different versions and I was currently rebuilding the script…but I’ll let Anton do it instead

I’m getting the same error with the [Honeybee_Run Energy Simulation] component, FYI. Updated HB with no luck on fixing the problem.


Ok so I find that if you create HB surfaces rather than zones it will run. I think it is struggling with the geometry to understand the zone centre but by breaking it into surfaces it overcomes this problem

Thank you Duncan for taking a look at this. I ran the geometry through the create HB surfaces and it runs the simulation but the results are definitely not correct.

Here is my gh file with this modification… I am doing this wrong?

Butterfly_E-W.gh (547 KB)

Updating Honeybee_Honeybee and re-running the script should solve the issue. Can you guys try the attached file and let me know if it works fine?

Butterfly_EW_msr.gh (563 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

Didn’t check your file yet but did with the original. I’ve found the following:

  1. The geometry is in the end of the universe. Very far from the origin. This is not a problem but when you want to zoom it is really annoying. So i baked and moved the rhino geometry close to the origin. Easy to manage. Of course it didn’t solved the issue. Now we can go to point 2.

  2. I noticed the curved concave corners at the middle. My instinct said that maybe this can be a problem for HB. And it is!! I straightened those and now it is working. See attached.

I’m not sure we can say this is a bug, but probably yes.


Butterfly_EW_AY.gh (572 KB)

Thanks Mostapha, your file did work. I do have one question though about your file, I see that Honey Bee is a Jul 13 2015. When Irun the update Honey Bee tool it changes to an Aug 28th version and then I get the same error.

Any thoughts? Thanks again for taking a look at this.

Hi Ron, Thanks. That was very helpful. This is the result of a recent modification in code to enhance normal checking. I just fixed the code. The newest version should work fine. Also attached!

Butterfly_EW_msr_2.gh (557 KB)

Ron and All,

Thank you for finding/verifying the bug and thank you, Mostapha, for fixing it. This resulted from some new code that I put in that correctly checks the normal direction of surfaces. Apologize that, in my lack of familiarity with this part of the code, I fixed one bug with normals while creating another with the center points. I am glad that everything is good now and I will be more diligent about being on the forums after I make a big change like this in the future. Next time, I will hopefully nip the problem in the bud before all of you have to test it so many times.

Thank you, again.