HoneyBee Add glazing Ratio and occupancy period components

Hello Guys,

I’m testing a sort of benchmark room to which I will compare the actual project that I’m wotking on.

I’m doing a DLA analysis. And I want to understand why the add glazing based on ratio component gives me 2 separated windows (refer to image), I really need to work with one window pane.

Also I will like to change the occupancy file from 9-5 to 8-6. How can this be done

Thank you all

Hi Claudio,

For the window size i suggest to constrain the sill height and window height inputs. Giving a low window height will do the trick (i believe). If the ratio will be higher that the constrain then the window will be resized in one piece.

As for the schedules … i will also be glad to hear.


Its not exactly what I need. I need to do the test with a window sill at 0.5m and a height of 1.5m in order to have a bench mark similar to the ongoing project.

Thanks for your answer

Hi Claudio,

  1. The newest version of addGlazing (which you can download from github or find in the attached file) has a toggle for keeping the window as a single window. If this is still not what you are looking for then you can create the glazing as a separate geometry.

  2. You can just use the schedule component to create the new schedule.


addGlazing_and_Schedule.gh (31.8 KB)


That’s exactly what I’m looking for. again you have saved my day

Thank you very much


Hello Mostapha. I’ve install the component from github. Just copied in to the ghuser folder. And it seams to work but the components its now in its own section called 00- instead of in section 0| Honeybee.

Its this a normal behavior ?

Thank you

Yes. This is how it should be in the most updated version.


I was wandering if you could help me,

I am having error in glazingCreator step:

ComponentsForTest-v1.gh (161 KB)

Hi Michal,

You need to update the component.



I updated files… does it work for you?


This specific component has to be inserted from the toolbar since the number of inputs changed recently (in this same thread). The update component is not enough in those cases.

Attached a working version …


ComponentsForTestv1.gh (208 KB)


I got your point regarding number of inputs, I added new component and reconnected again and this works now,