Honeybee and Daylighting - Shading Surfaces

Hello everyone,

I am running a daylighting simulation for a simple room.

I have created all the surfaces one by one, created the glazed surface and joined everything on one zone.

I also created a shading surface, the effect of which I want to try on the DF factor output of the daylighting simulation.

I noticed that by taking the shading surface off the inputs the result was almost identical, which isn’t logical for a 1.8m horizontal shading of a 3m window.

My question is where should I input the shading surface. I tried inputting it into the daylight simulation component along with the HBZone that was created and also adding it as an input to the create zone component which then I connected to the DF component. Results were again identical.

I believe I must be doing something wrong on the flow. Any insights on this?

I am attaching the definition, currently run with the second flow (shading surface into zone, zone into DF component).

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,


Daylight&Glare_B1.gh (514 KB)

See attached. Enable/Disable the HBSurface component in the yellow group.

DaylightGlare_B1_AY.gh (524 KB)

Thanks Abraham!!

I knew it was something to do with my flow. It’s good to know I need to make the surface for the shadings as well. Makes sense.

Thanks a lot!