Honeybee annual daylight analysis

I am doing annual daylight analysis in honeybee,
after running the completed script, It shows no result found.
how to solve that issue.
previously i have done grid based daylight simulation, but here am not able to find any solution

thank you
Arpan Jain

annual daylight analysis.gh (617.1 KB)

Hi @Arpan,

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You need to closely look at the occupancy generator in your file. The Honeybee_Read Annual Result 1 is not accepting your schedule. If you disconnect it, your file works.

thanks sir,
but i am not using occupancy generator.
i am re sending my file with only required script.


annual daylight analysis.gh (547.0 KB)

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When you do an annual simulation, you need to use the annual_analysis_files output. You can visualize the results like so. I used a large grid size to run the simulation faster. Your results will look different from this.

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Thanks devang
i wasn’t aware about “honeybee_read annual result” script
this solved my problem.