Honeybee annual daylight analysiss

Hi. I am trying to conduct a honeybee annual daylight analysis but I don’t know why at the end I receive 0 illuminances. please consider that:
1- both rhino units and grids are in meters.
2- radiance and Daysim are installed.
I am working on a sample file shared on hydrashare so surely the file is ok. I appreciate any assistance to figure out what the issue would be.
thanks in advance

Why are you using the legacy plugins?

Thanks for the reply. I just went through some tutorials to figure out the workflow. To be honest I’m not sure if my workflow path is correct or not. Do you recommend working without legacy plugins for my specific case? would you kindly share a link to a sample file for annual daylight analysis without legacy plugins?

My guess is that @mostapha is suggesting to use the new LBT instead of Legacy. You’ll get a much more reliable work environment and able to update with future developments.

Thank you for the assitance. I am using LBT 1.5.

Honebee modelling.3dm (194.1 KB)
honeybee modeling plus daylight .gh (163.7 KB)
I’m attaching the GH file and Rhino file. I doubled checked to see if I have any Legacy plugins active in my file. It seems, there isn’t any in my gh file. would you kindly check whenever is suitable for you?
Thank in advance

the problem is that DA is always 0 as demonstrated in the image. :frowning:

Dear @mostapha and @AbrahamYezioro Thank you both for your time and effort. Fortunately, the problem is solved and it was due to the fact that my apertures were not linked to the model in a correct way so they were not recognised. now I have my DA in a way it should be normally.

Can you share how you solved the error? I think I’m having the same problem and need advice:/

Hi @Sooyeon,

Welcome to the forum. Are you able to share your Grasshopper file? If you can’t share it here, since you are a new user, you can share it via Dropbox / WeTransfer / Google Drive or another sharing service.


Here it is! Thank you:)

Hi @Sooyeon,

I cannot recreate any issues with your Grasshopper file. I suggest that you update to the latest version with the LB Versioner component. Remember to update the components on the canvas as well with the LB Sync Grasshopper File or manually.

I think I misread the issue. I also get 0 values but that is expected from your model. Are you expecting light to pass through the door?

Note: The suggestion in my reply above still stands.