Honeybee annual load output interperation

Hi there, I have ran annual load for around 1000 buildings at once.
I have got this but it only has columns for 3 floors,
also, these seems to be in hourly timestep, is this for one specific day? or annual average?

Is there away to set an analysis period for Annual load?
I wanted to look at hourly demand for building energy…
I am a newbie so… I could really use your help!

Thanks in advance,

Hey @linkimim ,

That’s a lot of buildings for a newbie! Still, it looks like what you have there is generally correct except the “HB Annual Loads” component is intended only for quick studies where you want to get monthly loads or load balances. If you want to be able to get Hourly results from an EnergyPlus simulation, you have to run everything using the HB Model to OSM component instead of the “HB Annual Loads” component.

Under the hood, both components run the same simulation but the “Model to OSM” component has the ability to customize the simulation parameters on it (eg. changing the timestep of the outputs or requesting other types of outputs from the simulation). This video series will help walk through the differences: