Honeybee annual simulation - no results

Hey everyone,

I wanted to set up a DA analysis but I am getting no result for my analysis. It is not running but doesn’t show any errors or warnings. I’m sure it is a very simple fix, I just don’t where it’s at. When I try the example file for the annual analysis on hydra it works just fine.

Can someone help?200422_DaylightAutonomy_Test.3dm (247.8 KB) 200422_DaylightAutonomy_Test.gh (530.2 KB)

You have not set a climate file.

Hi @FEng,

I was able to make it run after removing the null surface from your HBSurfaces - the null surface is there because you have not connected a geometry to one of the createHBSrfs components (for the floor). So, either remove that component or add a floor geometry.

Thank you, that fixed it!