Honeybee annual simulation problem

Hi All,

I’m running an annual daylight simulation with honeybee using multiple cores creating multiple results files. When trying to analyse the results files using “Honeybee read all the hourly results from Annual Daylight Study” I’ve found it only reads half of them.

In the below picture I’ve created a test surface with 8 points but only 4 points are read.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know



Hello James,

Since you are Flipping the results you are getting a list with 4 Branches, and then you just select one Item from each branch.

Hi Dimitrios,

Thanks for your reply, sorry I made that confusing but the error occurs before that point. The results from the illuminance files (the yellow box below the flip component) only show 4 results for each hour (n=4) when it should show 8?

Hopefully this makes it clearer but there are two results files and 8 points however the component only collects the illuminance results for four points


I am also interested to see any replies. I had some trouble myself to understand how to manipulate the results of the Annual Analysis.

This is my bad. I made a mistake recently when I wanted to get the component to work for advanced analysis with dynamic blinds. If you use older versions of the component it should work fine. Check the attached file for the components. Sorry and will get it fixed soon.


readAnnualResults_Sept_11.gh (13 KB)

Okay, thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly, at least now I know!